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Ceramic Outdoor Tiles Melbourne
Ceramic tiles can enhance the overall environment of any outdoor living area for an affordable price. Depending on the final look you want to achieve, our outdoor tile range has many options to suit your unique style & the budget.

Our outdoor tile range includes:

Porcelain tiles available in both gloss and matte textures. This comes in many different styles & designs making them very popular for all types of different projects.
Glazed porcelain tiles
Full body porcelain tiles – Flame finish R -11 & R-12
Full body porcelain tiles – Natural finish R-9 &  R-10

Terracotta has been used throughout the history of architecture. They come in an orange to brown colours & are great for outdoor and indoor use.

Rock walls
Rock wall tiles are becoming a trend for cafe’s and outdoor exteriors. They come in all different styles and colours that are certain to match your ideas.

Feature tiles
Feature tiles are perfect for display rooms, outdoor settings and focal points in any living room or entertainment area.

Visit our showroom, call or email us to find out more about our high quality range of outdoor tile options available.

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