Do you keep scrolling through those envy-causing home decor pictures on Instagram? From clean white spaces to a solid Melbourne timber flooring and a few vintage elements here and there, it's possible to make your homes match that aesthetic you so yearn for. And making your places aesthetically pleasing can not only help you capture pictures with a unique background but can also throw a cozy and warm vibe. Frankly speaking, there's no checklist when it comes to creating the look. All you have to do is go for something that signifies you and get some customizations done. Struggling to find some new ideas? This article might be worth reading. Read on to find out how you make your interiors aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrade Doors And Windows

While redecorating our home, people tend to pay less attention to doors and windows. We often stay confined to replacing old furniture with new. But, we should know that replacing and upgrading the doors and windows of a home can greatly help in enhancing its overall appeal. Consider getting large doors with glass and a tint of wood to go with your Melbourne timber flooring. Moreover, if you replace your traditional windows with large glass sliders, consider half the work done. In addition to filling your home with loads of light, large and airy doors and windows will also improve ventilation and allow fresh air to enter your homes.

Add The Magic Of Mirrors

There's science behind this one. Installing large mirrors inside your living spaces can create an illusion and make them look bigger. You can install them in your bedroom or doorway to make the space look wider. However, it's best not to hang them too high to avoid mishaps. Moreover, avoid hanging them in your bedroom, near your bed or tables. Choose an ideal space. You can even hang an aesthetically-pleasing mirror in the bathrooms to match your bathroom tiles Melbourne.

Get Your Walls Painted

Get your walls painted in a colour that can match the overall vibe you want to go for. If you are going for something bold or dark, you can consider dark colours. But, the most popular choice stands to be white, bright walls. Not only do they multiply the overall aesthetic, but they also make your place look bigger and wider. Moreover, white walls could be a great option for your Melbourne timber flooring.

Revamp Your Kitchen

Trust us; it won't cost you a fortune especially if you do it the right way. You can get your kitchen revamped by getting the cabinets replaced or painting the tiles/walls. However, if you want to work on a smaller budget, consider painting the cabinets instead of replacing them.

Add Some Greens

Adding small planters to compliment your bathroom tiles or your living space can make your homes more sustainable and lively. In addition to adding an extra element to your adobes, small indoor plants or potted flowers can go a long way to add a minimal touch and make your house pictures Instagram-worthy.


Always remember the key to owning an aesthetically-pleasing house is having minimal furniture and decorations that can increase the overall vibe of your home. After all, it’s the little things in life that count the most!