Shining, sparkling clean, and a fresh smelling bathroom is everyone’s dream. Why? Because it’s a room where we freshen up and feel rejuvenated. Obviously, when this is dingy and smelling badly, how can you expect your day to start fresh and better? And it’s a basic logic that a shining bathroom is always cleaner and more hygienic. So, do you know the ways to make your bathroom gleam and shine?

Best and Quick Tips to Make Your Bathroom Shine!

 The very first step to gleaming and sparkling bathrooms is to invest in great quality bathroom tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports. These tiles come in excellent quality with years of warranty and are also easy to maintain. And when you have installed them in your bathroom, just following the below listed procedures will help you keep them shining and clean always.

  1. Start with the ceilings — The ceiling stays the most important but ignored part of your bathroom. If you are cleaning all the other sides of the bathroom but missing this area, the mould formation on the ceiling and dust accumulation on this part steals the shine and gleam from your bathroom. So, first thing first! Be sure that you are cleaning your ceiling regularly and thoroughly in order to get a shinier bathroom.
  2. Pay attention to the walls — No matter if you opted for tiles in Melbourne for your bathroom walls or had it painted, if the walls are sticky and dirty, you can imagine the final look of your bathroom. Wiping it with a good cleaning liquid or vinegar does the magic and makes your bathroom look sparkling clean.
  3. Bathtub should be clean as well — Well, we can’t imagine a twinkling bathroom with a dirty and ill maintained bathtub. You have to wash it thoroughly at least once a week with a nice cleaning agent and a scrub to ensure that it stays dazzling in your personal space.
  4. Toilet seat — Do you know what’s the most difficult part to clean in your bathroom? It’s the toilet! And keeping it clean and flashy has its own importance. But don’t worry, if you are cleaning the same on a daily basis with a good toilet cleaner, you are sure to have this and your bathroom gleaming perfectly.
  5. Shower stand — Have a glass shower stand in your bathroom? It goes without saying that you have to keep wiping that glass with a microfibre mop and a special glass cleaning liquid to keep your bathroom space looking glinting and attractive.
  6. Wash-basin — Though a wash basin is small when it comes to occupying space in your bathroom, but never ignore its role in the overall picture of the same. Firstly, use the baking soda and vinegar hack to keep its drainage clean and later wash the entire basin with a nice detergent and a scrub for a captivating effect.
  7. Faucets and hardware — If your faucets aren’t shimmering, your bathroom isn’t radiant as well! So, always clean your faucets with a tissue and vinegar until they glisten to complete that shining glow of your bathroom. The hardware like shower-door handle, drawer knobs, doorknobs, locks, mirror etc. should also be treated in the same way for an overall cleanliness.

After you take care of all these items and keep your bathroom cupboard organised and your towel supplies clean, we are sure you’ll feel like entering a luxurious spa each time you step into your washroom.