Are you all set to give a makeover to your bathroom in 2020?

Well, with this blog, we’ve combined a list of top and trending choices of bathroom tiles and looks that can be picked to make your bathroom space more stylish.

Let’s begin!

Vintage Encaustic Patterns 

The vintage look is going to be a trending style for bathrooms this year. While you breathe in the modern world, there are a lot of comforting styles that are exerted from yesteryear designs. Leveraging encaustic styled period bathroom tiles from Melbourne can help in creating a vintage paradise at your home.

Marbles Marbles

Willing to put a relaxing feel in our bathroom! Pick some shiny and soothing marble tiles to give your lavatory space a natural look. When it comes to stone, marble is one of the most preferred choices for its luxury essences and characterful veining.

Pink It

Pink bathrooms were popular way back in the fifties. Yes, one of the most unusual colour to have in a bathroom. But it has grown in demand in the last few months, and the colour is one of the trendiest colour of 2020. Likewise, there are numerous pink tile selections with a characterful crackle glaze.

Vertical Tile

Going for vertical tiles is something off-beat, which breaks away all the traditional brick-bond layouts on wall spaces. With its fresh and new feel, vertical tiling is gaining popularity in 2020.

Metallic Finishes

An upcoming tile trend in contemporary bathrooms will be that of metallic tiles. The metallic tiles are reflective and shiny, perfect for a bathroom to give it a sumptuous yet edgy makeover. However, the look isn’t being adopted by many for now, but it’s expected to pop more often in 2020.

Neutral Tiles (Especially White Ones)

Many people think that bright colours such as red, yellow, or blue are not the right choice for a bathroom. Instead, you can opt for nude and neutral colours such as cream or grey. Today, most contemporary designs make great use of neutral tones. A combination of beige and grey have turned out to be a super popular and refreshing choice for bathrooms.

There you have it! Now, you have some awesome bathroom renovation ideas for 2020. As established tile suppliers in Melbourne, we can help you with the options you might relish or suggest some more to choose from. Reach out to us for more information!