Timber, the most loved material in home décor surely doesn’t come at pocket-friendly price points! You have to spend a huge amount to install this material in your home. However, you can’t deny that when you see the beauty and elegance that they gift your home, every penny you spend would seem worthy. But what if you can’t afford it? Won’t you be able to enjoy its sophisticated look in your home then? Well, here’s an idea! Why don’t you try the timber look-alike tiles instead? You don’t even have to shed much to get it, and it provides your home with the same dignity as wood. Of course, only if you don’t pay attention to the myths circulating about these tiles.

Some myths about timber look-alike tiles that you should ignore!

In Melbourne, timber flooring is no doubt the commonly preferred flooring option. But they come with a steep price-point and high maintenance needs. Then there are these timber look-alike tiles that resemble a hardwood floor. Low on cost and maintenance too. And naturally, when it rises on the popularity chart, some myths get fabricated too. But of course, a logical person like you should read between the lines!

o   These aren’t durable — There’s a common myth running that if you install the wood look alike tiles, they won’t last long. Well, this myth couldn’t be more wrong. The tiles resembling hardwood flooring from one of the best tile stores in Melbourne, Ceramic Tile Imports are very durable and long lasting. This company provides you with unlimited options in tiles which are very spectacular, attractive, functional, and at price points to suit every pocket.

o   It’s not as good looking as hardwood — Are you hesitating to install the wooden look-alike tiles just because you think that these don’t give you the same impression as hardwood? Well, this is just a useless myth. If you install these in your home, unless and until you don’t feel the tiles, you won’t be able to understand that it is not actual hardwood.

o   They’ll make the floor cooler —We wouldn’t call it exactly a myth, but it is a slight misconception. Many homeowners don’t install wooden look-alike tiles because they think that it makes your floor appear cooler during the winters. (While the hardwood is capable of sustaining moderate temperatures) But you can easily overcome this problem by installing heaters under your tiles – and think of the summer months – how the cool tiles would comfort your feet.

o   The grout in between the tiles will make the tiles appear untidy — Many of you think that the grout filled between the gaps are going to create an untidy look. (This is something that never happens with original hardwood.) But if you are practical enough, even you’d know that just filling the gaps with wood coloured grout would solve this issue easily as well.

 So far, all the myths listed about wood look-alike tiles are extremely baseless and impractical. So, these shouldn’t stop you from installing these tiles in your house. Their growing popularity proves people research well and don’t get swayed by myths.