Bathroom designing mistakes are never acceptable. But sometimes these mistakes can be compromised! Often you have to adjust with them because the expenses are way too much. But a few times these are so drastic that you have to go for a reworking immediately. Notwithstanding the expenses or the inconvenience. Today, we are specifically talking about those mistakes.

Some Bathroom Designing Mistakes Which Just Can’t Be Adjusted!

We often think that bathroom designing is about only choosing tiles in Melbourne or getting the right faucets and sanitary ware. But actually, this design goes way beyond these selections. And that’s where you often commit some mistakes which can turn out to be drastic ones.

o   Not considering the right bath tap position – Your bath tap has to be in the centre of the bathtub or on the middle part of the wall. But if you are placing it in a very low position near the bathtub, frequent bumps are expected. If it’s wrongly placed near the shower area, inconvenience while bathing is going to be an issue too. It’s better that you discuss the perfect bath tap placement matter with your designer and plumber together and then add a fixture.

 o   Dismissing privacy – Open bathroom concepts are totally an entirely unique way of sanitisation. But if you are adding this concept abruptly in your normal washroom and missing window shutters or door to your bathroom, it’s going to make this bathroom seem incomplete or even lack privacy and propriety.

 o   Not measuring the bath properly – If you aren’t measuring the bathtub properly and picking up directly one that catches your eye, it might become a tremendous mistake. It may not fit in your space or appear too big or too small for that matter. Careful consideration is important in selecting the bathtub for your bathroom.

 o   Going for too large tiles – You have to be very careful when choosing the bathroom tiles in Melbourne via Ceramic Tile Imports. They have got innumerable options available for the same in all sizes, colours, and shapes. But you have to pick only the perfect shaped and sized tiles for your bathroom. If you are going for too large a size, it might make the bathroom design appear vague and weird. (Especially if it’s a small space.) Also, laying the tiles immaculately is also essential so that proper drainage of the water is facilitated.

 o   Opening of shower doors and storage cabinets – Consider the layout of your bathroom properly to design which way the drawers should be placed, or the cabinet doors and shower cubicle door should open. Lack of planning would be a disaster here – for either some units would become non-functional or would hinder the traffic flow in the space.

When you are reading about such drastic bathroom designing mistakes, you should as well avoid putting wall tiles on the floor (floor tiles should be anti-skid), choosing porous paint, skipping place for towel and other storage, and not picking the right lights for the bathroom.