So, are you planning to brighten up the fireplace in your residence? If this strikes your attention, you are at the correct place. Tiles are among the best décor elements that one can apply around fireplaces. It makes the surroundings look elegant and extravagant. The type of tiles you choose can make or break the intended look. With the plethora of design styles and types available in the tile market, you can go gaga while shopping for tiles. If you use them creatively, your fireplace will become the focal point of your room. Are you wondering why we recommend tiles with a zest for your fireplace? One primary reason is that tiles are non-flammable materials and possess the ability to endure the heat. It is low in maintenance and high in quality.

How To Decorate Your Fireplace With Different Styles Using Tiles?

A fireplace adds cosiness to a comfortable home. It should not only make one feel warm and welcome but also should be appealing to one’s eye. You may consider it as a landscape to design that would become artwork for your space. If you are shopping for tiles in Melbourne, check Ceramic  Tile Imports. They serve a wide variety of options, colours, patterns, and materials to suit the owner’s taste. There are plenty of options available here to transform your fireplace into an exceptional masterpiece. With decades of experience in customer satisfaction in the realms of both domestic and commercial spaces, they deliver what they promise. They can even work around your budget to help you create an elegant and eye-catching fireplace. 

Mosaic Tile Decor:

Mosaic tile decor is always in when decorating a fireplace in a traditional home with classical design elements. It is an old yet fancy way to ground the fireplace so that the eyes fall on it as soon as one enters the room. And who can deny the elegance of porcelain tiles? Porcelain floor tiles in Melbourne come in beautiful finishes and styles and are water and scratch-resistant. It has good durability and comes in various tones and textures to give your fireplace an exciting look.


Many people prefer putting shelves on top or at the side of the fireplace. Shelves increase the visual aesthetic to make the fireplace stand out in a room. If you are a person who loves reading books, then this option is just perfect for you. You may even consider displaying your collectables and mementoes on these shelves for an eye-catching arrangement.

Mesmerising With Monochrome:

Take on a classic look with black and white ceramic tiles on the floor and walls to leave a stunning impression on guests. Playing with patterns and textures subtly breaks the monotony that monochromes often exude. This creates a dramatic look that is uniform and leaves an impact.

Beach Style Tiles:

Do sun and sea speak out to you and call on you all the time? You may actually welcome the beach vibes to your home with tiles. Use glass tiles, mother of pearl tiles, shell and conch tiles with a few brushed metallic toned tiles in the backsplash, and you shall always feel the whiff of the sea. Use some coordinated décor elements on the mantle to emphasise the sand and sea theme.

Mosaic, Herringbone, Or Brick-Look Alike Tiles:

Minimalist modern style fireplace with contemporary tiling looks very stylish. These tiles keep up to your idea of clean straight lines and neat finishes. Yet the designs they can create immediately perk up the zone. To add more, you may consider thick grouting in contrast colours to pop the patterns and draw all eyes.

Overall, the fireplace is one of the most versatile backdrops when decked up by tiles. These ideas will inspire you to create a worthy piece of art in your home. Admittedly, the fireplace gives character to your space and enhances the quality of living. Spruce it up with the best look for your home with these customised tile decors and change the whole vibe vibrantly and fashionably.