Tiles can breathe life even in dull decor.

If you are between options for your new flooring and wall, we suggest you make a smart investment by choosing tiles for a brand new look of your home. To put your mind at ease, we bring you a list of the most popular tile trends that will flourish this year. Take a look!

  • The sophisticated marble

Natural stones like marble are known to add a sophisticated touch to any decor.

Whether you want to glam up your wall or need a beautiful flooring option, the marble designer tiles in Melbourne will never fail to impress you. Choose from several modernised designs which are carefully curated to match the latest decor trends.

  • Sustainability is key!

Sustainable living is the only way to live, so make sure that your home reflects the same vibe with natural flooring options.

From bamboo to wood, tons of such flooring variants are taking over the market and are becoming desirable choices for both commercial & residential properties. The best part? It gels with all decor themes.

  • Geometric patterns leave a lasting impression

Geometric tile designs have been in use for decades, and they have undergone several changes over time to meet the need of the hour.

From triangles and circles to mix patterns, geometric designs look playful and are capable of turning even dull decor around.

  • Concrete to the rescue

When nothing seems to fit the bill for you, choose concrete, and you won’t be sorry!

With a whole range of polish and finish options at your disposal, you have the liberty to make your concrete flooring one-of-a-kind. What makes it a hot pick in the market is its durability and sturdiness coupled with trending designs and finishes.

  • Go crazy with psychedelic

If you haven’t seen a psychedelic flooring or wall design before, then you are surely missing out.

What psychedelic walls do well is attracting eyes without fail. Bright colours and playful geometric patterns give the room a brand new look. When in doubt about creating a stunning wall in your home as your masterpiece, stick to psychedelic.

  • Create a buzz with industrial tiles

For the people who are always looking to add chic to their modern decor, industrial tiles serve as their most favourable option.

These grey-themed tiles often look exactly like concrete, but if you want your home to stand out, you can opt for designer varieties as well. Hire the leading tile suppliers in Melbourne to have tons of options at your disposal. They will also guide you throughout the process to help you make a pick you won’t regret!

Tiles are known for their charming first impressions and a ton of variety to choose from for every property. Pick an option from the ones mentioned above based on your decor and give your home a new-like look.