Be it rectangular, square, hexagon, tinted, shaded or plain – tiles can be seen in all forms and in any given space. These have entered in all our rooms and we have loved them in all their incarnations as well. That is why you’ll see these trending in home décor ideas and tips. But not everyone thinks of tiles as a welcoming member in their home decorations! Some still have doubts.  Perhaps because they still have some unanswered questions about tiles. But don’t worry, we are here to answer them all for you.

The most common questions and doubts about tiles in home décor!

You surely wouldn’t purchase anything without inquiring about it in detail. Even tiles are in the list of your investments (both monetarily and as a component for your home) and it’s your right to know everything about the same.

Which tiles are the best for home décor? —This matter is absolutely subjective. If you love ceramic tiles, then go for it! If porcelain is in your wish-list, then these are good as well. There are also tiles available in various finishes like stones, bricks, and even the ones resembling timber flooring in Melbourne. Just remember that each of these tiles has their pros and cons. Inquire about these in detail before you finalise your decision.

Can you install floor tiles on walls and vice versa? — Yes, nowadays there are similar tiles for any type of usage. But some tiles are specifically suitable only for your floor and would certainly look out of place on the wall. It is better that you consider discussing the matter with your interior decorator or tiler.

Can I install tiles on an existing layer of tiles? — Yes, it is entirely normal to cover an already tiled surface with a new layer. But remember — the older layer shouldn’t be broken or uneven and chipped.

How do I know the number of tiles I’ll require? — Normally, you take the measurement of the room and then calculate the number of tiles you’ll require. Of course, you have to consider the size of the tiles you chose and the surface area and then count the exact number. But it’s always advisable to call an expert to provide you the right calculations and keep some extras as a precautionary measure.

What’s the best option for floor tiles? — This totally depends upon your choice, preference, and décor theme. There are various types and tints available in floor tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports and they have the best options of wall tiles as well. But when it comes to floors, you have to pick the one that’s skid resistant, non slippery, tough, beautiful, and durable.

What are the best and common tile patterns?  — There are innumerable astounding tile patterns available in the market. You have your choice to pick from stone tiles to mosaic design, geometrical patterns, 3D designs and even customised designs. The tiles in geometrical prints and subway types are quite common while Victorian tiles remain classy and timeless choices since years.

We are sure these questions were in your mind too when you were thinking of adding tiles to your home. But now since you know almost everything about them, it’s time to decide and pick your choice, isn’t it?