Jazz Up Your Home With Specially Chosen Tiles!

We always hear of the phrase, “style with tile!” And how realistic can this sentence be? You wouldn’t believe it but just adding some creative and stunning looking tiles in your home, you can actually change the entire theme and style of your home decor. From the bathroom to the living room and even in your deck, if you are selecting and choosing your tiles wisely, then nothing can beat the fabulous furbish that tiles can bring about.

Fun and creative ways to add tiles for enhancement of your home décor!

Gone are the days of monotonous and uniform looking tiles that were used in the entire room! Today, you can choose a different one for each room according to its theme and make the entire house look marvellous. Read below some of the best ways to add character to your home with tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports. These come in hundreds of variants and are of premium quality, just fit for your exotic home décor!

Create the fun factor in your child’s bedroom with happy coloured tiles — Shocked? But yes, tiles can be happy too! Their fun colours and vibrant designs will look fabulous in peppy home décor in your kid’s bedroom. Choose a trendy motif design or simply opt for multi colours in a solid tone to surround your child with positive hues. Further brownie point? Easy to clean the mess your child can create!

Classy prints for your bathrooms – We are sure you look for rejuvenating your senses when you go for a hot tub soak in your bathroom. And imagine being surrounded by monotonous and dull-looking tiles everywhere! Well, now you can add character to your bathroom by choosing some light but magnetic coloured printed tiles which will make your bathroom look more inviting and calmer.

Along your elegant staircase — Now comes the turn to jazz up your stairs by using some mismatched patterned tiles in this area. Or you can simply go for tiles in Melbourne mimicking timber flooring for enhanced elegance.

A happy and peppy kitchen —Lift the mood of your kitchen with the catchiest colours you like. You can even add the tiles with the images of food and food-related quotes to add persona to your kitchen.

The flamboyant living room — No wonder you were wondering why we haven’t talked about the living room yet. Well, your living room is a special place and even the tiles there should be extra special. You can pick 3D ones for drama or simply go for textured ones, or you could even create murals using tiles.

He lovely ones for your bedroom — For your own bedroom, you can pick the soft shades of pastels popping with light patterns or textures! These should simply be lovely and cosy looking — just as your bedroom is!

With tiles, you can find hundreds of ways to play around your home décor for lovely and elegant home décor! Happy home styling with tiles!