Having a baby soon? You obviously are thinking of kid proofing your house. Naturally, this is a very important step to take before your baby arrives. Ensure that you are installing the grills and gates and renovating your house in such a way that your child wouldn’t be able to touch the plugs and sockets and even get easy access to the stairs or sharp objects and corners easily. But don’t you forget the floors when you are kid proofing your house.

Ø  The best kids friendly flooring options!

 Floors are the base of your house. Naturally, your child will spend a lot of time here. Kids have the tendency to walk, lick, sit, sleep, and even crawl on the floor. So, did you get why are we emphasising so much on choosing the right flooring option for your home now?

o   Wooden planks — Wooden planks are till now the safest and most preferred kid friendly flooring option. Wood is extremely natural and that is why it is mostly recommended for a home with a child. Apart from it, it is entirely anti-skid and non-slippery and is super tough. This means even if your child plays on it and scratches it, you can sand it later and it will stay alright.

 o   Ceramic tiles —Out of the many tiles in Melbourne, the ceramic tiles are the best for the homes with children. Even these are anti-skid and lets your child enjoy playing, crawling, and walking freely.

o   Carpets — Carpets are also a great option to consider when you have a rough floor with lots of dents. This layer protects your child from getting hurt when she learns to crawl and walk. It is relatively softer than most flooring options making it comfortable for the kid to move and play on it.

 o   Cement tiles — When you are looking for super strong, durable yet kid friendly floor tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports, do think of cement tiles. These are very comfortable for the child and you’ll see the baby hugging the floor often when you instal these tiles. What’s more, it doesn’t get slippery due to water and even the banging of toys and scratching of nails on them never make it budge.

 o   Vinyl flooring — Vinyl is a pretty nice flooring option that is entirely kid friendly. It is exactly like wood but a little more resistant to damage and softer to touch. That’s why it’s most recommended to be installed in kid’s rooms.

 o   Cork flooring — Even cork flooring is a fabulous replica of wooden flooring. But it can be a really soft base in your home and doesn’t even accumulate dusts and dirt much. That is why it’s one of the best options to choose when you are kid proofing your home.

 These are a bunch of extremely child friendly flooring options. But you can even explore other options like rubber floor specifically for your nursery, laminate flooring, and even brick tiles.