Luxurious, classy, posh, and sophisticated! How many adjectives from these do you want to describe your dream home with? Hmm! Let us guess! You want it all, isn’t it? Ok, so a snuggly sofa, an urbane centre table, a debonair art piece, and some high classy furnishings, what else can you think of in a classy home? What about the floor? It should be a true example of exquisite class as well, isn’t it? And we can think of the best option for floors that are opulent and truly swanky – yes, these are tiles!

The Best Kinds of Tiles for Your Lovely Looking Home

Tile is one kind of flooring that looks gleaming and graceful in its natural form. The natural shine and perfect finishing on this material makes it all the more attractive. That is why we think that floor tiles in Melbourne are the best options to consider if you want to add a bit of glam and glow to your house. You can even pick tiles for the walls and bathrooms and kitchen area. But yes, you need to pick the good and exotic ones to attain that amazing look. And that’s what you’ll find in this post.

Glass Work Tiles – Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear for the very glamorous, suave yet basic glass work tiles. These will have a gleam and shine and totally a magical effect in your home. Ah yes! Remember, these glass tiles can only be adorned on your walls and not on the floor. Now it depends on you if you want them on your bathroom walls, kitchen area, or dressing area and get a great illuminated effect in the rooms.

Glitz of Gold – Gold has glamour – true! So, why don’t you add it to your house? This hint of gold, with a bit of glitter can be really the most extraordinary part of your sophisticated home. Make it a part of your dashing bath space or simply let it bring life to your living room or let your walls show this black and gold glamour. We promise you’ll love the effects!

Eco-Friendly Terrazzo Tiles – Ok, though we love classy tiles, we aren’t against nature! That is why our list of inspiring, lovely tiles also includes the eco-friendly terrazzo tiles. These are 80% recyclable and you’ll love the magnificent effect of fine chunks of glass chips included in them. We aren’t exaggerating, they’ll give a totally different look to your kitchen islands and backsplash and even look gorgeous on your terrace.

Dramatic Mixed Colours – If you ask the renowned tile suppliers in Melbourne like Ceramic Tile Imports, the leaders in supplying designer tiles in the city, even they’ll suggest you to go for the dramatic and colourful tiles for your home. These can be added in wonderful, attractive shades of yellows, oranges, purple, red, and blue on your floor, in your kitchen, even on your accent wall and exude awesomeness and elegance in the space.

Our list of the inspirations in tiles for home décor is never ending. But these are the best and top rated amongst them. Pick any one worry-free and see a glamorous transformation of your home.