Your home defines your style of living. That is why you carefully select the best types of items like curtains, furniture, paint, accessories, and even the floor for your home. Especially the floor — they make a huge impact in any room and that’s why they should be chosen wisely. And while you have innumerable options for this part of your house like hardwood, concrete, etc., tiles are considered to be the top-most contenders for your floor.

Enjoy the Spice of Living with Tiles!

Tiles were never boring in any phase of time. Firstly, these came in Victorian patterns, then in simple designs, and nowadays they are available in so myriad varieties that you shall be spoilt for choice – Psst: also available in three dimensional effects. And that’s not all, these have evolved so much that you’ll see their extensive usage in Melbourne rather than timber flooring. And if you want to know how they can prove to be dynamic for your home, then read on.

o   The all Victorian living room — For a bold outlook in your living room, some pleasant looking Victorian tiles in bold colours would do the magic. Play with the royal shades of blue or greens and make the space a perfect example of happy royalty.

o   Shine with porcelain in passages —Porcelain tiles are extremely vibrant and make a bold style statement in a broad space. Let it enter your passage to make the space feel more welcoming and outstanding. You can even try bordering it with the regular tiles in lighter shades and get a fabulous effect in this space.

o   The matte black bedroom — Who says a bedroom has to be only pinkish or draped in lighter tones? You can create a fascinating décor in your bedroom with pure black matte tiles and let it be complemented with chic antique décor pieces.

o   The all geometric patterned tiles in your lounge area — Add glamour to your lounge area with retro themed seatings and all geometric patterned tiles. And if you add a lighter shade of the colour you chose for the tiles and on your walls, then the charm is totally impressive.

o   Glossy tiles in the bathroom—Bathrooms look fabulous in monochromatic design and patterns. And you can always create a sparkling and neat effect in your bathroom by opting for some plain but shining tiles in your entire bathroom. Get the best quality of bathroom tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports and watch the space spruce up impressively. They have a variety of such beautiful looking tiles to suit each of your rooms (and even your bathroom).

 o   The checkered deck — When your interiors are getting adorned with tiles, why let your exteriors stay behind? Use the traditional checkered pattern to make your deck look homely and attractive. Enhance the beauty by adding some homely and comfortable seating and greenery around here as well.

 Now, did you ever realise before those tiles could create so much magic? Well, now you can experience the same by utilising them in varied effects in your own home’s décor.