Home decor has reached new heights in various aspects over the years. Interior designers and even artistic homemakers are not only concerned about the wallpaper, furniture and showpieces but the flooring as well. Carpets, linoleum, hardwood, concrete, marble, timber, cork and of course tiles. New age innovations in tiles are taking the industry of interior decoration by storm. How and why? Let’s have a look!

Looks say it all

New age tiles are the hot cakes of the market. With revolutionary designs that include innumerable shapes and styles which are all customizable. Available in the texture of wood, stones, and even three-dimensional effects. You just can not get enough of them. High-definition floor tiles are the new talk of the town where the tile suppliers of Melbourne allow customers the liberty of choosing from various designs and cuts.

Whatever might be your requirement the tile suppliers of Melbourne have got you covered. All you need to do is scratch your heads hard to pick the perfect design for your home or office.

Lasts long

Be it ceramic or porcelain, floor tiles of Melbourne last really long. They are strong and durable if laid down properly and a tiny bit of maintenance is performed, which only includes a little wiping now and then with non-acidic chemicals. Acidic chemicals harm ceramic or porcelain adversely; the colors and design of the tiles may fade, even the material integrity of the tiles takes a hard hit.

A wee bit maintenance of your flattering floors can make them last for years or even decades.

Cleanliness is Godliness 

We have all come across this phrase at some point.

Tile floors are slick and non-sticky, they do not attract dust or pollen grain and can very easily be cleaned. The best part about this is, tiles do not require to be wiped daily, a little dusting or vacuuming once in a while is enough for them.

This saves more time and energy. New age ceramic tiles are water and scratch resistant which means the tiles are less likely to crack when something heavy falls on your floor.

Light on the pocket

Porcelain tiles are slightly towards the cheaper side of the market. However, ceramics are not as cheap as linoleum or carpet but are also not as expensive as hardwood flooring. Home decor is generally a one-time investment, and proper maintenance can make it last generations, and hence it is considerably light on the pocket.

A good investment that is beneficial both artistically and practically seems to be a good bargain for a classy homemaker or a picky interior designer.