Remember seeing the hardwood floors being installed in every second house of your neighbourhood? No doubt it looked classy later. But we assume you still remember the loud noise that came from these homes at the time of installation of these planks. It’s because these planks were placed, sanded, levelled and polished on the site. But today, you hardly notice any kind of renovation work and tadaa! The floor changes to the hardwood or engineered wood! Well, this isn’t magic – but an upgraded version of installing the hardwood floors which is called pre-finished floor. These have been prevalent since 1940 and gaining popularity from that very day.

The nice and not-so-nice things about the pre-finished wooden flooring!

Though there are lots of flooring options available in the market like the stones, concrete and even tiles in Melbourne, you couldn’t deny the fact that nothing matches the class of hardwood floors. Well, these are unmatchable and simply outstanding. But when it comes to the installation, you are often confused as to whether to go for on-site hardwood floor installation or the pre-finished version. And to make your work easy, we listed the pros and cons.

o The cost matter — The traditional way of installing hardwood floors on site is relatively less expensive than the modern pre-finished ones. But remember the installation charges, the worker’s fees, and the raw material and other things required to get the finishing also cost you additionally. And if you consider all these cumulatively, the costing gets levelled.

o The installation process — When you go for the on-site hardwood floor installing; you have to bear the sand, the dust, the sound, and even some heavy objects and chemicals in your home for days. This can even impact the other parts of your house. But when you call for the direct installation of the pre-finished hardwood or engineered floors, these are ready to install — and the sanding, polishing, and levelling has already been done in the factory. Now the experts in Melbourne offering pre-finished timber flooring from Ceramic Tile Imports would come and immediately install these on your floor. Their vast experience and superior quality of service and material makes this process absolutely a breeze for your house.

 o Maintenance and repair —When the pre-finished hardwood floors are made at factories, these are given all sorts of tough treatments and even some chemicals are used to coat them. That’s why you’ll hardly find any need to fuss about their cleaning and maintenance. But the hardwood floor installed on site is often devoid of any advanced treatment, and its upper layer cannot keep away the dust and dirt outside. These easily enter the planks and cause mould and thick dirt very frequently. But if we consider the repair work, the pre-finished hardwood floor does show some issues. It’s because when there’s an issue in the on-site installed hardwood floor, that problematic part can easily be repaired through sanding and it’s good like new again! But with the pre-finished hardwood, you’ll have to replace the entire area that’s cracked or broken.

o The durability matter — The normal hardwood floors that are installed on site have a life of twenty or twenty five years and can be given a new shine after the sanding and polishing process. But the pre-finished hardwood floors are created at the manufacturing centre and these are bound to get bleached, discoloured, and scratched after some time. And because it has a thick layer on the top coat, it requires lots of sanding to reach that desired wooden look. This eventually cuts down a layer from its thick plank and cuts down the times you can sand it over. Well, ultimately it shortens its life.

We just explained in detail the intrinsic properties of the pre-finished hardwood floors keeping in mind multiple factors. So, you can make an informed decision for sprucing up your living space. Whichever way you go, now you know how to live with your choice.