Choosing the type of wooden flooring for your home interior can be quite confusing. One of the options you could go for is Timber flooring; it gives off a timeless look, is non-allergenic, and offers natural insulation which is perfect for any season.

To get the warmth of hardwood floors easily, most people are opting for prefinished hardwood flooring and there are many tile stores Melbourne has which you can check out. Timber will always add value to your home and since making the wrong choice here could be an expensive experience, we’ve answered the important question you must have on your mind right now: is prefinished hardwood flooring right for me? To answer this, let’s take a look at the advantages you can get by opting for this kind of flooring.

Wear And Tear-Proof Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of prefinished hardwood flooring is they are more resistant to wear and tear than hardwood. Thus, it is going to last a lifetime and moreover, it doesn’t corrode or have an adverse effect on its texture.

Easy And Quick Installation Process

Prefinished flooring is easy to install due to its density, lightness, and grain structure. Installation of this kind of flooring doesn’t require you to move out of the house like you would if you opt for hard flooring and neither do you have to deal with all the dust and chemicals that come with buying unfinished wood. Furthermore, you will be saved from the hassles of staining, sanding, and finishing the floor that ensures dirt and unnecessary items don’t get stuck during the process of fitting. Result? After installation, you don’t have to wait for stains to dry to be walked on.

Non-Hazardous In Nature

Since it comes from a natural source, pre-furnished timber flooring is non-toxic, unlike other available options. This ensures your family members won’t spend days breathing in harmful Volatile organic compounds or VOCs; they are harmful chemicals that are released slowly from different types of industrial products. Any day, it is better to use this type of flooring taking in account its sustainability and eco-friendly factor.

No Odour After Installing

When you opt for pre-finished flooring, there is no smell and mess associated with finishing the floor. It is because all the odours have been left behind in the factory and by the time it arrives at your house, it is already free of odours.


Another crucial factor behind opting for this type of flooring is its cost-effective nature. Unlike other flooring options, timber has a reduced purchasing cost and installation.

One of the major reasons for getting timber prefinished floor is its aesthetic appeal and sheer elegance it exudes. Not only is it easy to maintain but you can get the feel of a solid hardwood floor without the hassle it is associated with. These days you may find that it’s easier to purchase prefinished wood than unfinished planks. From small timber flooring Melbourne stores to big home-improvement chains, you’ll most likely get a good selection of this type of flooring. So, refurbish your room and bring back its elegance with this type of flooring.