Tiling can make or break the interiors of the house. So try to avoid the outdated choices when you update your floors. 

Follow these 2020 tile flooring trends to pick something stylish and durable that will stay chic for years to come.

Wood Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring became popular because of the stark resemblance to natural stone. That said, tile manufacturers had been disguising and trying different patterns long before they became trendy. 

After ceramic tiles, natural wood floors became the hottest thing in the market. Not to forget, timber flooring in Melbourne stays trendy even in 2020. 

Textured wood comes in different styles, patterns, colour options. So before you install wood flooring in your abode, make sure you consult experts of floor tiles in Melbourne

Marble Tiles

The marble tile trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. They have been a staple in house interiors for a long time due to their extreme durability and striking appearance. 

Earlier seen as too expensive and perhaps only fitted to luxury hotels, marble is now accessible to all. Small, slender marble bricks are desirable right now. This year you will see more decorative marble collections hitting the bathroom design scene this year. 

Textured Tiles

If you are tired of seeing boring, dull, and lifeless tiles, get ready to see some impressive, eye-catchy textures from richly embossed tile to handmade style like subtle surface texture in 2020. For modern bathroom tiling or kitchen splashbacks, they are undoubtedly the best options.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles are made of durable natural materials. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses and bring a warm, earthy feel and comfort to space. The 80’s look of terracotta tiles is back in trend with its various glazed varieties. 

Matte Finish Tiles

Anyone who wants to create a traditional or rustic look to their interiors must go for Matte Finish Tiles. Moreover, they are durable and slip-resistant. In 2020, subtle matte finish tiles have been through a makeover with honed marble to give your interiors a trendy and stylish look. 

Terrazzo Tiles

Remember those Terrazzo Tiles that graced so many 70’s interiors? Well, they are back in trend. They are no longer limited to walls or floors and can be used for countertops too. They are manufactured in different textures and have subtle colour variations in the palette.

Bold Patterned Cement Tiles

The classic, vibrant, and elegant look of cement has been around for a few years, and in 2020 it is re-circuiting again. 

Cement tiles are durable and versatile and require low-maintenance. Plus, they come in a wide variety of designs, colours, and patterns; that’s the reason so many owners choose cement tiles. In 2020, cement tiles are seen in bolder colours and wilder patterns. 

Final Thoughts

A lot has changed in the tile flooring industry in 2020. Enlisted below are some trending options that will stick around for years to come.