When it comes to floors, nothing beats timber. These floors have the perfect look, along with the polished tones that set your whole room apart. And then, there’s the texture of the floors, which makes it stand out for all the right reasons. Timber floors come in various sizes, shapes, and sorts, from laminated, composite timber floors to parquet. And even though the wood has been processed it still happens to be organic, which makes it susceptible to permanent damage. While these floors are indeed appealing, they require a lot of maintenance which is why you need to check out these essential tips.

  • Moisture: When it comes to wooden flooring, from timber to hardwood, the first thing that you need to realize is that moisture is the #1 enemy. Moisture rots the wood from within and makes it possible for various insects and vermin to attack the wood, from termites to ants. And when it comes to Melbourne timber flooring, you’ll find that one of the top reasons most homeowners state for getting timber floors replaced is the rot. And Termite infestation comes a close second. And that’s why you need to check your floors regularly, remove any moisture that you may have spilled, right away.  Just make sure that you build your floor on the ground, that’s far removed from moisture. Just keep a microfiber cloth handy, to mop up any moisture from the hardwood floor, right away.
  • Regular Recoating: When it comes to timber flooring, you need to realize that good timber flooring can last up to twenty years or so. But if you expect your floors to shine with the same veneer, then you need to have it recoated at least once every three months or so. Recoating is the process of applying the right sealer to your hardwood floors, as it gives the floor a shiny look, with rich color and tone. And as you get your timber flooring done, you may want to pay attention to your bathrooms, as well. Just check online for bathroom tiles in Melbourne and pick the latest ones that add color and verve to what was once a dingy bathroom. You’re bound to be surprised at the results and how they would make your home stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Engineered Timber Flooring: When it comes to Parquet or engineered timber flooring, you would need to undertake special maintenance. While it is considered to use a wet mop on a hardwood floor, at least for short durations – it’s a no-no where Parquet floors are considered. You need to ensure that you prevent any liquid from pooling on the floor and that means you cannot use a wet mop to clean it up. Just use a damp cloth, to wipe the floor and that should be more than sufficient. Just damp the cloth, wring it so that all the excess moisture is removed, and then use the cloth to mop the floor. That should do the trick.
  • Avoid Vinegar Solutions to Clean The Floor: One of the common stories doing the rounds is that you can use baking soda, along with lemon juice and vinegar to clean up the wooden floor. As far as hardwood goes, the acidity in the solution is bound to damage the sealer coating permanently. It may even result in scratches, stains while removing the glossiness from your floors permanently. Here’s a household tip, avoid using any abrasive cleaning product to clean up the floor as it is bound to impact the sealer coating and the timber flooring as well.

These are some of the essential tips that you would need to review, before getting timber flooring installed in your residence.