Dining room – a place where you and your family and even your guests sometimes gather and eat , talk, and have a good time! A place that creates bongs and happy memories. Occasional spilling of food and liquid (both hot and cold), scratching of chairs, dragging of tables, and constant foot traffic in this area – all these are pretty common. So, naturally the floor of this room has to bear all the stress constantly. And it’s an active part of your home no doubt! Naturally, you want this room to look warm and inviting. In terms of flooring, you need something that is good looking and super tough.

Types of flooring most suited for your dining room

Apparently, you are confused about the best type of floor for your dining room. Yes, we are glad to guide you. But you only have to keep in mind to discuss it with your interior designer (who knows your lifestyle) to be double sure of your decision.

Timber flooring – In a city like Melbourne, timber flooring from Ceramic Tile Imports is considered as the best option for your dining area. This is the strongest and toughest flooring (not to mention graceful and elegant) and that is why it is most suited for a space like a dining area. It doesn’t get damaged because of the scratches and screeches caused by the chairs and is even easy to clean after you spill food over it. 

Tiles – The second most common and preferable flooring options for dining rooms are tiles in Melbourne-based homes. You can pick the variants as per the theme of your interior décor and still enjoy a low-maintenance floor in this space. Tiles are super easy to clean and don’t even get affected by the exposure to moisture and water. Well, not even the rough usage of furniture in the dining area has the power to damage it easily. What more could you want? Hundreds of design and colour options? Well, tile shops shall present thousands if not more!

Laminates – Laminates can be called the wisest options for the dining area. Not just are they easily affordable and quick to install, but they even imitate the look of hardwood very impressively. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the spills of hot and cold items on it since it doesn’t get damaged easily. You might as well have lots of foot traffic in this area and still you will find your laminates intact.

Concrete – Hopefully you are open to the concept of concrete indoors. You will find concrete flexible enough to adjust in any part of your home. Even your dining room for that matter can appear impressive with the usage of designer concrete. As for durability, you can rest assured that it is the toughest in the market. The good news is today designers have experimental finishes on concrete that can dazzle in any room.

Hopefully, one of these floorings impresses you as the most suitable one for your dining room. You may even want to mix-n-match. Like a beautiful ceramic tiled area directly under the dining table with a beautiful ornamental border almost emulating a rug that can be set off against timber flooring laid in the rest of the room – magnificent, isn’t it?