Great floors represent the kind of home you live in and its history, especially the wear and tear of years. If it’s a family residence and you’ve lived in it since birth, the floors might have been subjected to cracks and discoloured grout lines. You might feel a little reluctant to introduce any changes, but a renovation is necessary to improve the look and feel of your home. The cost of remodelling varies based on your choice of material and company for installation. Keep reading for some top reasons to remodel your old floors.

1. Want a more up-to-date look

A big reason for flooring renovation is that your old floors look dated and don’t match the change of interiors. Perhaps the colour makes your house look dirty. It may seem impractical, at first, to put your house through the hassle of renovation but putting it off can increase the risk of bacteria and pathogens in the long run. You can bring a more up-to-date look to your home’s floors by redoing them. If the current decor of your house interiors are a complete mismatch with your bathroom floors and you’d rather not have your guests ask for the restrooms, you should get in touch with a company that deals with bathroom tiles in Melbourne without any hesitation. When not sure about your taste or what you want, allow the professionals to help you have the best possible floors.

2. To replace damaged floors

You can repair a single tile that is stained or damaged. But when tiled floors are cracked, stained or loose, you should consider replacing them. First of all, it doesn’t look good and leads to accidents for the residents. New flooring has a stable and level surface and is less prone to fall risks for you and your loved ones. You can also get high-quality porcelain tiles in Melbourne that’ll give you a consistent floor that is protective and prevents tripping hazards. Even professional floor cleaners can sometimes fail to get rid of stubborn stains and scratches caused by children’s toys or pet’s nails, and you may be better off replacing the damaged tiles with new ones. When it comes to floor renovations, it’s always sooner, the better.

3. To prevent health risks

Studies have shown that old floors or tiles have a significant risk of causing diseases and allergies. All dust, airborne particles, and grime are often stored up or absorbed by the grout lines or loose tiles, which can be harmful to the residents of the house, especially infants and senior citizens. Additionally, damp areas and floors of the kitchen, laundry or bathrooms should be checked regularly and replaced to prevent the growth of fungi and pathogens.

4. For increased return-on-investment

New buyers or tenants don’t have to take the pain of installing new flooring. Homes with poor flooring often smell bad and cause accidents in the long run. So new, modern flooring can make a good first impression to the buyers of your house as it ensures longevity and that it is move-in-ready.


No matter what kind of flooring you want, be sure to consult with a professional for the best price and results.