Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Are you looking for a timber flooring solution in Melbourne? Timber Floors are a great addition to any new home or renovation. Your home will be enhanced by the class & warmth your timber floor exudes.

Timber floors are available in a wide variety of species, ideal for any application.

At Ceramic Tile Imports we supply a range of Prefinished Timber Floating Floors that are designed specifically to be installed over any solid sub-floor such as concrete slabs, chipboard or plywood or most flat dry surfaces, even existing tiles.

Our timber flooring products are engineered from selected hardwoods & are more structurally sound than any solid timber floor on the market, being backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

Style and Colours

Timber Top® comes in a range of styles including One Strip, Two Strips and Three Strips. If you are looking for timber flooring in Melbourne, Ceramic Tile Imports is among your best bets.

High Quality Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Been in the industry for more than three decades now, Ceramic Tile Imports is dedicated to deliver the finest engineered timber flooring in Melbourne. A high-quality timber floor will increase the look and warmth of your home, suitable for new homes as well as home renovations.

What sets us apart is the hard work and capability of our team. The team personally selects the best material suppliers worldwide, making sure our clients get the best.

Our passion for ensuring high customer satisfaction makes sure that our products are fit for your pocket pocket, making us leading suppliers for residential and commercial projects.

Prefinished Timber Floating Floors

Installation of pre-finished timber floating floors eliminates the need for messy procedures like sanding and staining, making their installation easier and quicker. Our pre-finished timber floors are specially engineered to suit the Australian conditions and lifestyle.

We are confident that our pre-finished timber floating floors will serve your purpose, whether indoor or outdoor. The natural colour of the timber floors easily matches with your wooden furniture; often lasting longer than other floorings.

Advantages of our pre-finished timber floors

  • Quicker and easier installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • High Durability (suitable for commercial needs as well)
  • Easy refinishing
  • Minimal wood dust
Timber Flooring in Melbourne

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