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Are you looking for quality, affordable ceramic designer tiles in Melbourne? You’ve come to the right place. We deal in premium quality ceramic and porcelain tiles for all your indoor and outdoor needs.

We are locally owned leading tile suppliers in Melbourne, delivering quality products for over three decades. Our top-notch quality of service and products makes us a forerunner among tile suppliers in Melbourne. We deal with the finest range of tiles that are made with care and expertise.

The team is passionate about making your space more beautiful with tiling solutions that are customised to your needs. Our tiles are available in a jaw-dropping array of colours, shapes, and sizes, making them ideal for your property.

If you live in Melbourne or nearby, we’d like you to visit our tile store in Melbourne and see the mesmerising range of tiles for yourself. You can also check our range of other tile products and timber floors while you’re here.

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Worried about the designs?

Our tile store selectors choose the best designs from across the globe to
deliver the trending and latest designs, colours, textures, and sizes.

Designer Tiles in Melbourne

Choose from Australia’s best range of designer tiles for all your indoor and outdoor needs. Our designer tiles in Melbourne are not just made, they are engineered to look lavish and classy, giving a premium look and feel.

Our premium range offers the best products with the best finishes for your interior and exterior designs. With options ranging from living rooms to bathrooms, there is a wide variety of products that complement the modern and lavish finishes. Visit our store to find the perfect designer tiles you are looking for.

Tile Store in Melbourne

Welcome to Ceramic Tile Imports – your one-stop tile store in Melbourne for high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles. At our showroom, we are determined to deliver access to the latest and trending tile fashion from around the globe to your doorstep. Our store in Melbourne is perfect for you if you’re looking for a unique, stylish, durable, and affordable solution.

We are one of the leading tile suppliers in Melbourne with the finest collection of tiles (outdoor and indoor), timber floors, and other tile products. No matter what the type and size of your project is, our store has products for every budget and need.

Tile Supplers in Melbourne

Make a classy statement with our marble looking porcelain tiles in Melbourne. They are a perfect blend of durability, technology, and luxury. Porcelain tiles are far more affordable and light in weight but do not compromise on beauty – giving your kitchen, bath, walls, and floors the look and feel they deserve. The use of larger tiles makes maintenance easier, reduces grout lines – making a bold statement with their luxury designs.

Ceramic Tile Imports makes sure that you have the confidence of buying from the best. Our staff will give the best possible expert advice that matches your idea to transform your home into a space that you love.

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MAPEI is the worldwide leader in products for building industry, adhesive, sealants & chemical products for construction.

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CTA are a Complete TILE ADHESIVE SYSTEMS & manufacturers of quality Tile Adhesives & Grouts.

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Davco manufacture and market in Australia and internationally, specialising in quality ranges of adhesives, sealants, cement mortars & waterproofing systems for the building and construction industries.

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RLA Polymers produce a comprehensive range of adhesives, grouts and polymer compounds for domestic, commercial and industrial tiling applications.

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Lithofin developed a comprehensive programme of products for professionals and home owners.

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Why Choose Us?

With over 46 years of experience, Ceramic Tiles Imports has supplied high-quality bathroom, floor and outdoor tiles to commercial and residential clients across Melbourne.

We provide an extensive range of ceramic tiles, featuring a variety of designs and textures to suit your space and purpose. Not just that. We keep your budget restrictions in mind while showing you samples that will be the perfect fit for your property. Not just tall claims, we deliver what we promise. Don’t just take our word for it. Try our products and see for yourself why are we the leading tile suppliers in Melbourne.


What are the types of ceramic tiles?

The world of ceramic tiles is huge and luxurious. Filled with seemingly endless product choices and style options, ceramic tiles enhance the aesthetics of a space. In particular, there are three types of ceramic tiles Melbourne — glazed, unglazed and porcelain.

Glazed ceramic tiles are coated with glass-forming minerals and ceramic stains.

Unglazed ceramic tiles are hard, dense, and offer more protection than glazed ceramic tiles. Last, but not least porcelain tiles form the most durable and stylish type.

Why use ceramic tiles?

There are multiple reasons as to why ceramic tiles are great for your floors and walls. Some of which are:

  • Ceramic tiles don’t stain.
  • They don’t burn.
  • They are durable yet stylish.
  • They are waterproof, non-absorbent and easy to clean.
  • They are resistant to virtually any type of chemical.
  • They are scratch and crack resistant.
  • They are anti-static.
  • They are environmentally compatible.

What are the characteristics of ceramic tiles?

Important characteristics of ceramic tiles are as follows:

  • Dirt Resistant – Ceramic tiles don’t retain dust or dirt. They are extremely easy to clean and very hygienic.
  • Stain Resistance – Ceramic tiles resist moisture exceptionally well, and therefore, depict stain resistant qualities.
  • Slip/Skid Resistance – Ceramic tiles are hard, dense and slip-resistant.
  • Colour Permanence – Ceramic tiles retain their colour exceptionally well. When exposed to sunlight or chemicals, these tiles remain colourfast.
  • Luxurious Appearance – Ceramic tiles come in multiple designs and make a luxurious statement.

Which tiles are the best for flooring?

Ceramic tiles are best for flooring because they are non-porous and do not absorb stains. They are highly resistant against pollen, dust, and other types of allergens. Which means simply wiping them with a mop will be enough to clean them.


Robert Mercuri
Robert Mercuri
A big thanks to Leone and the guys 100% great service and prices and great advice . Super friendly guys well done . 👏👏👏👏👏
John Shaban
John Shaban
Leon is a great man in all aspects has a great variety of Tiles and the best smile in serving his customers to satisfaction .
Best place for tiles and stone with a great service.
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Commander Scott
great range and great prices with really good service
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Viv So
What a range of contemporary tiles? Impressive.
Excellent Range of tiles and they were more than willing to work out a deal for my reno

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