A Modern and Stylish Space with Porcelain Tiles in Melbourne

If you are looking to add unmatched beauty, durability, and strength, then considering porcelain tiles is an excellent choice.

Unlike standard ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are quite durable and can withstand general wear and tear without any difficulty.

Also, these tiles are waterproof and harder, and they are incredibly popular among homeowners looking to enhance their home’s curb appeal.

Whether you want to use them on your floors or kitchens, considering porcelain tiles could be an ideal solution.

If you are still not convinced, listed below are some of the strong reasons to buy porcelain tiles in Melbourne for your home.

1. Durability is Their Core

One of the biggest benefits of considering porcelain tiles is that they are extremely durable than ceramic tiles and glass tiles. Though it might cost you a bit more than others, these tiles are worth your investment. When you consider porcelain tiles for your home tiles or walls, then they will easily stay for up to 20 years if treated properly. Also, if you choose a tile with strong durability and made of high-quality material, then these tiles can add 10 more years to their life. Furthermore, it requires less maintenance and doesn’t require any expensive chemicals or specialised tools to clean it.

2. Porcelain Tiles are Fireproof

Another major benefit of considering porcelain tiles is that they don’t burn or attract fumes. On the other hand, if you consider carpeting or any form of lamination, then it can easily attract fire and produce fumes that could be lethal in many ways. The biggest benefit of considering porcelain tiles is that they don’t catch fire and neither produce smoke nor fumes. In the event of a fire, these tiles can help limit the flame transfer, ultimately protecting your floor and walls from major consequences. Also, these tiles are resistant to stains and other damages, making them a perfect option for your home. Ensure you choose tile stores in Melbourne to buy high-quality porcelain tiles.

3. Multiple Designs

There is no denying that porcelain tiles don’t lose their colours in direct sunlight and preserve them, irrespective of the weather conditions. Unlike most ceramic tiles, these porcelain tiles don’t get discolouration or damage and are likely to transform your home. The major highlight of these tiles is that they come in different shades, patterns, and sizes, making them an ideal choice to enhance your home appearance. Most porcelain tiles look similar to traditional flooring solutions, including marble, wood, steel, cork, granite, and more. If you try to distinguish them visually, it wouldn’t be easy to do so.

4. Easy to Clean & Maintain

Well, you don’t need to buy expensive chemicals or cleaning supplies to wipe the dust off your porcelain tiles. All you need to do is simply use a wet cotton cloth and wipe the dust and debris off the tiles and you will get a spotless look. Also, you don’t need to hire a professional to complete the cleaning process. It will ultimately help you save significant time and money.


So, that’s a wrap to the benefits of considering porcelain tiles for your home’s walls, kitchen, bathroom, or exterior.

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