Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles with these 6 Tips

Renovating your bathroom forms a vital part of your home renovation project. After all, nobody likes to shower in a dingy or smelly bathroom. The first step to bathroom renovation is changing the tiles. While choosing the best tiles, planning is essential.

The markets are flooded with different bathroom tiles, ranging from porcelain tiles in Melbourne to ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and everything in between. In short, the more choices you have, the more confusion it will create. But fret not! We have listed some easy tips to help you simplify your process of choosing bathroom tiles.

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Buy According to the Size of the Bathroom

It is pertinent to buy tiles according to the size of the bathroom. If your bathroom is spacious, you can pick any size. But if the bathroom area is too small, we advise choosing smaller tiles than normal.

Large tiles will make your bathroom space look much smaller than it actually is. Smaller tiles will do the exact opposite.

The Rule of three

After deciding the style and size of the tiles you need, it’s time to narrow down the options. For instance, if you are trying to mix and match tiles to create a unique look for your bathroom, do not get overboard with this idea and follow the rule of three.

The rule of three suggests not picking more than three different tiles while mixing and matching. Always choose your floor tiles first, followed by wall and feature tiles.

Make the Right Colour Choice

Making the right colour choice while buying bathroom tiles Melbourne is integral. While some people like picking only white when it comes to bathroom tiles, we advise you to go with warmer tones. You can choose paler and neutral shades to maintain good light and add warmth to your bathroom space.

But at the end of the day, the choice of the colour gets reduced to your personal taste. If you like darker tones, choose browns and blacks. If you do not hesitate experimentation, go with bolder colours and choose glazed and contrasting tiles.

Be Wary of the Slip Factor

Your bathroom is the area that remains wet most of the time. Thus, always be careful about the slip factor when choosing the bathroom tiles. While glass bathroom tiles make a beautiful choice for wall or accent tiles, the same material becomes slippery when wet.

Avoid glass tile on floors and choose anti-skid options to save you from falling and injuring yourself.

Consider Maintenance of Tiles

Many people overlook maintenance of the tiles while buying them for their bathroom. It turns out to be a big mistake.

Always choose tiles that require little to no maintenance, even when they are slightly more expensive than their cheap counterparts. Such options will save you money in the long run.

Good with Universal

If you want to make your bathroom renovation look classic or timeless, going universal with the choice of tiles is the best deal. Pick one larger neutral colour and install it throughout your bathroom.

Not only does it make your bathroom look timeless, but the room also looks much bigger.


We hope the above-listed tips help you select the best tiles for your bathroom. Read it thoroughly before shopping.

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