How to Extend the Life of Your Timber Flooring?


Real timber flooring is an investment in the aesthetic value of your house. They impart an impression of sophistication and elegance, adding style and tremendous aesthetic appeal.

However, proper care and upkeep are required for your wooden floors to remain beautiful, particularly during seasonal changes.

To prolong the life of your Melbourne timber flooring inside your home, heed the advice below.

1. Use Quality Cleaning Products

The number of cleaning products for timber floors has developed along with their popularity. Use a wood floor cleaner with a neutral PH, or contact your supplier for their suggested brands. Timber floors shouldn’t be steam cleaned because doing so might cause the surfaces to peel and discolour. Before cleaning the entire floor with a new product, please test it out on a small patch of the surface.

2. Use Rugs to Protect Floors

Place rugs at the entrances to ensure guests and home members clean their feet before walking on your flooring. Adding a rug shield the wood from dust and scuffs brought in by minute pieces of outdoor debris.

In high-traffic areas, rugs can help protect your wood floors or even your floor tiles in Melbourne, as the fabric acts as a cushion. Thick rugs look lovely under large furniture and protect your floors from dents, depressions, and scratches.

3. Wipe out Water Spillage

If there is a liquid spill or puddle, clean it up right away using a dry towel or mop. If you’d like, you can wipe with a damp or a microfiber cloth, but it shouldn’t be dripping wet, and doing so in the rainy season is not a smart idea.

Cleaners can be used, but make sure they are gentle enough for the wood. Since they are experts on their products, they use hardwood flooring firms to get cleaner recommendations.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

The conventional perception is that you must keep all the windows and doors closed during the monsoon. Wooden flooring requires ventilation.

While it’s raining hard, you can leave the windows closed, but as soon as the rain stops, you have to open them completely to allow the wetness and humidity out. If water leaks through your floorboards due to strong winds and rain, dry the area immediately and allow the water to evaporate.

If heavy rains deposit a lot of mud and filth, you must clear up the problem as soon as possible and eliminate any remaining debris between the boards and corners.

5. Protect Flooring From Humidity

Wood flooring can be damaged by moisture. In any room with wooden flooring, try to keep moisture — and especially moisture fluctuations — to a minimum. To monitor the moisture in your home, you might want to instal a hygrometer. If you reside in a humid area, ensure your home is well-insulated against the weather and utilise a dehumidifier to maintain a dry indoor environment.

Natural wetness on your floors can rot and stain your floors. Always wipe up spills quickly and take care of leaks in your home. Use only water or liquid cleaning solution while washing your hardwood floors. After cleaning, wipe the flooring dry. To clean your floors, use a dry or slightly moist towel.

6. Use Curtains to Prevent Fading

Hardwood floor surfaces are susceptible to harm from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Direct exposure over time can lead to fading and an uneven appearance, especially in sections of a room that receive more sunshine. Install shades or drapes and draw them whenever direct sunlight falls on your floors to prevent fading. These covers safeguard not just your home’s furnishings but also the flooring.


The better it appears, the more attention you put into it. Wooden floors require careful cleaning and care. If you remember the advice mentioned earlier, your wooden floor can last for years in the best shape.

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