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Backed by invaluable experience in the Sandringham tile industry of more than 45 years, we at Ceramic Tile Imports believe in helping our customers make their dream home become a reality every single day. We have the largest selection combining Porcelain, Terracotta, and Ceramic tiles for your walls and floors in stock all the year round.

Reliable Tiles Supplier in Sandringham

We also have an enormous selection of mosaics for backsplashes, kitchens, showers and washrooms. Having said that, we have the best online inventory of wall and floor tiles sourced from all over the country to bring you the best quality at the best prices.

For example, if you are looking for tiles for your bathroom, we have an extensive range of variety to offer. To put this into context, you can browse through our range of tiles for your bathroom floors, but we have a complete different range of bullnose tiles that you can use to smooth out sharp edges or countertops.

While tiles are becoming the most popular flooring option in all rooms of the house, they might not bring uniformity to the area. That is why we believe in providing customers with segregated tile collection based on different rooms, in possibly the newest styles from around the world.

Ceramic Tile Imports is a reliable supplier of tiles in Sandringham, with clients ranging from commercial establishments to homeowners and property managers. With the help of our growing customer base, we have expanded many folds since 1974.

When planning your next renovation project, please send us your enquiry so we may assist you.

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