Maximizing Your Indoor Space with Tile Utilization Tips

Selecting the correct type of tile can change the look and feel of your home. You can use tiles to create the illusion of a bigger space. To do so, you need to keep a few factors in mind.

Let’s check out how exactly you can use tiles to maximise your space:

Choose Large Format Times

The foremost step is to go for larger tiles. Smaller rooms appear more extensive when you use large tiles, as grout lines are thinner and fewer in such a layout. Using large-format indoor floor tiles makes your floors look more streamlined, creating the illusion of more space. If you also incorporate wall tiles in your room, check out the proportion so that the floor tiles are always bigger than the wall tiles.

Alternatively, if you want to improve the flow of your small room, you can choose small tiles. Tiles like mosaics require fewer cuts, so they offer a smooth look.

Select the Type of Tiles:

The next step is to select the right type or colour of your tiles that can drastically impact how big or small your room looks. You can select from a variety of styles and designs like:

Light or pale shades of tiles reflect light. This visually opens up a space that contrasts dark colours as they absorb light and make the room feel small. Light colours also look less chaotic or busy than dark shades, helping the room appear much larger. You can opt for white, cream, grey, beige or pastel colours.

Glossy tiles like porcelain tiles in Melbourne also allow the reflection of light. The smooth and shiny finish of these tiles helps light to bounce from one tile to another. This makes the room appear brighter and larger.

If you want the warmth and coziness of hardwoods, you can opt for wood-like plank tiles. These large rectangular patterned tiles add depth to any room and come in various styles, colours and textures.

Highly patterned tiles dominate and visually ramp up your room. Your eyes are automatically driven to the patterns, creating an illusion of a larger space. If you have a small room, be careful when choosing these tiles. You can go for subtle prints like marble or other types of veining.

Using matching tiles for your wall and floor creates a similar toned visual, making your room appear larger. On the contrary, two highly contrasting shades can visually cut up your space.

Figure Out Tile Configuration

The third and final factor you need to consider to maximise your space is to identify the size and pattern of the flooring. You can follow a standard grid or elongating diamond layout when you lay your floor tiles. Avoid busy-necks, brickbonds and staggered patterns to make your room appear more limited.

Thus, selecting the proper size, colour, and tile configuration can make your room look significantly different. Choose a complementary or matching coloured grout that can help blend the grout lines and make your floor look seamless.

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