Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Tiles Sheer and Shiny


It is more important to maintain the look of your room and house by regularly cleaning your outdoor tiles Melbourne of the floor or other walls to maintain the overall aesthetic of your house. Your home will look shabby and filthy over time if you skip cleaning tiles on the floor or the walls.

Below are some tips and tricks to keep your tiles shiny and sheer for longer

Clean your tiles routinely

If you take some time from your routine to regularly clean your tiles, you can save several hours of cleaning in the future. Daily cleaning has many benefits, such as not needing to invest in any cleaning agents and supplies. The soap and water will be enough for regular cleaning. A floor broom, cleaning soaps, detergents, a bucket of water, and a mop are all that you need.

With minimum effort, dip and dab the cleaning bar weekly for fresh-looking hygienic tiles. Vacuum cleaning is also an excellent alternative for quick and easy maintenance. An important tip is not to let your tiles air dry, as the water droplets will form spots on them, leaving them dull.You can always go for a good research and select outdoor tiles Melbourne.

2. Avoid the stains from settling

Stains are stubborn, and if they make your tiles their home, they will stay there rent-free for your whole life. That is why it is essential to remove stains immediately as you see them, whether on the floor or your bathroom tiles.

3. Vinegar is your only cleaning partner

A multipurpose item you will find in your kitchen is vinegar, your only cleaning partner. It acts as a famous cleaning agent, similar to how it is as a cooking ingredient. You can try this DIY at home with vinegar, but add half a cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water and mix it well. Dip your mop and begin cleaning.

As a natural cleaning agent, vinegar will help remove stubborn stains and maintain the tiles’ shine. Vinegar is best for your bathroom tiles Melbourne.

Although, you must consult an expert about the nature of your tiles, as some tiles might not be suitable for using vinegar.

4. Ammonia can help too

Mildew and moss love the dirty tiles and floors. However, ammonia can be an effective cleaner to get rid of moss and mildew. Mixing a few drops of water and solution to mop the tiles can help you maintain the tiles from mildew and grout. Gently scrubbing the stains routinely can prevent them from getting stubborn and leaving marks.

Also, using a grout sealer after tile installation can protect and seal the shine of your tiles for a longer time.

Final words

Remember, leaving the stains for too long can damage the bathroom tiles melbourne and cause discolouration. It also makes your tiles look dirty and tattered. There is so much information available over the internet about suitable cleaning methods and solutions. However, that confuses and increases the risk of damaging your tiles so choose wisely!

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